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Discover 8 easy, free to low-cost ways to promote your local business without a website

TWO years prior to decimalisation in the UK in 1971, when the currency switched from guineas and threepenny bits, to pence and pounds, the Decimal Currency Board (DCB) ran a public information campaign.

Designed to help everyone make this huge transition, every newspaper and TV channel carried photos, interviews and handy charts featuring housewives, publicans, shop owners, professors and politicians.

Fast forward 20 years to the arrival of the web and ….. silence.

Not a word.

Suddenly the whole world went digital and there was silence.

Not one single handy chart to explain how to cope with the greatest event in human history since the invention of the printing press.


I remember the first time I heard a BBC presenter trying to pronounce '@' in the BBC's newly launched email address.

You could hear him struggling to make sense of this completely alien character that had just appeared in front of him. And he was expected to give it a sound!

After a painful couple of seconds, during which he made a couple of stuttered attempts, he finally asked viewers to email them at " news 'silence' bbc.co.uk ".

If it stumped the BBC, what chance did the rest of us have!

The original free tools

Everything has moved along so fast, and we never did get the public information broadcasts.

So we never did get to hear about the free tools that were available right from the beginning.

Tools that are easy to use, usually free and don't gather large amounts of personal data. Ideal for promoting and supporting our small businesses and local communities.

We've become really good at using tech for communicating, searching and shopping. But not so much for adding purely professional information on community targeted sites.

And that's where a huge opportunity lies for small, local businesses who don't want to have a website or social media account.

Those same original tools still exist and are still popular.

Put your business in front of your audience

In this half-day seminar we'll look at 8 DIY free or low-cost ways to promote your local business without a website or social media account.

Every option will be explained jargon-free and comes with a printed tutorial so you can start immediately adding to your online profile.

We will cover:

How to get found

In this first section we'll discuss tools you can use to make it easier for people to find you.

How to increase your professional reputation

In this section we look at two free strategies to help you demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as the professional in your area.

How to bring the physical and virtual together

In this final part of the seminar we'll discuss what you can do to make your offline promotional activities work with your new online profile, to increase the effectiveness..

Join us

If you've experienced that niggling feeling that you should have some type of online presence but you have no idea where to start, this seminar is for you. It's jargon-free, easy to follow and tailored to small business owners with minimal technical expertise.

Join us and make 2019 the year you got into the web.

Event Summary

Date: Saturday 22nd June 2019

Time:10am till 2pm

Venue: The Orangery, The Grove Estate, Great Saling. CM7 5DP

Cost: £40

Includes: Coffee/tea break and a chance to decompress in the peaceful, tech-free Walled Garden.


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Saturday 22nd June 2019

Half-day: 10am - 2pm


includes refreshments

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