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Henri Matisse

Henri MatisseHenri Matisse, 1869-1954, was a sculptor, printmaker and painter, regarded as being among those responsible for notable developments in painting and sculpture in the former part of the twentieth century. Called "The Master" by Picasso, he was indubitably a leading figure in modern art.

Born in northern France, he studied law in Paris, then worked as a court assistant, only starting to paint after appendicitis left him temporarily unable to work. Originally painting still lifes and landscapes in a traditional style, he was introduced to Impressionism by a painter friend, the results of which are some of his finest works.

In his later years, after several operations, Matisse was barely able to hold a paintbrush, and instead, with the help of assistants, turned to creating vivid cut-paper collages. This d├ęcoupage technique produced some of his most recognisable work, examples of which were exhibited in this gallery in September 2012.