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Amanda Clark

Amanda lives deep in the north west Essex countryside and that is what truly inspires her. She has been a professional artist and illustrator for over 15 years. Raised within a creative household, her father was a great storyteller and always told fascinating stories and fairy tales. As a child, Amanda would absorb and paint these fairy tales.

It was only natural that she would continue to be alert to her surroundings and incorporate them into her paintings today. Her ‘dawn and evening walks’ through the woodland at the back of her house provide inspiration.

This is Amanda describing what she notices on one of her May walks:

‘A whisper of a breeze blowing the hawthorn petals across the mossy path and the sun low in the sky. It makes every white petal glow like fireflies against the darkening green of the trees. The woodland is full of birdsong and everywhere I try and see the woodland homes. This is part of the woods where foxes and rabbits live alongside each other. An owl calling close by. He is waiting for moonlight. The sun has made longer shadows and will soon be gone from the sky.’

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